Businesses are reliant on a stable and seamless IT network in a world dependent on constant communication, yet managed service providers (MSP) can take days to diagnose and remedy issues. Cluster Networks is disrupting this model with the launch of FRIDAY, the world’s first artificial intelligence (AI)-driven solution for automating IT operations, monitoring, and troubleshooting.

FRIDAY utilizes AI to monitor IT infrastructure and inform clients of issues in real time, while the system identifies the root cause of the problem and dynamically takes next steps to craft a resolution.

FRIDAY saves time: When issues occur, how an organization responds can make the difference between experiencing a small service degradation, having disgruntled customers walk out the door, or having viruses and malware spread through your entire organization. The moment FRIDAY sees something strange happening at a store, its AI works to figure out the root cause of the problem, how to fix it, and the next steps to get the problem resolved. Friday can do this for thousands of issues at the exact same time. The result? FRIDAY can shrink problems that typically take days to resolve, and correct them in hours or even minutes.

FRIDAY saves money: Cumbersome monitoring software, varying levels of skill from support staff due to high turnover, training on disaster response, and even various contact center tools aren’t only expensive, but they also require a lot of attention when even the slightest changes occur within your environment. FRIDAY cuts through all of these challenges to provide a more cost effective solution, while also providing a better and more consistent support experience.

FRIDAY is proactive: Running head first into IT issues when they occur isn’t only frustrating, but can also affect productivity and even a company’s brand. FRIDAY monitors network infrastructure and also site devices to proactively notify the appropriate people with the root cause of the problem, and the next steps to resolve the issue.

ALWAYS there: We understand that regardless of how smart technology is, sometimes there are IT issues that simply cannot be solved by someone on site. During these moments, Cluster Networks will be there for you to quickly take care of the issue, so you can get on with your business. FRIDAY is always available to automatically escalate to a Cluster Support engineer or dispatch an on site technician when needed. When escalated, FRIDAY provides all the relevant information of the incident and also where the problem resides so the escalation point knows exactly how to address the problem.


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